Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

4 December 1970

Dear Calcaterra Friends and Relatives,


We are now back in Key West and expect to remain here until mid-January when we will go to Mayport for a Tender period. We should return to Key West the first of February and remain in port or operate locally until the first of April. After that our schedule is still undetermined.


We have scheduled a Christmas party for Monday, 21 December at 1500 pm board for all the children up to fourteen years of age. Santa Claus will be there with presents for all the kids. I do hope that every one can attend. If parents and children are out of the area due to leave, the presents can be picked up at a later date.


Since we’ve been back we have again lost some of our shipmates. SN Lee WEBSTER, ETN Larry LIPPE, SF3 Joseph Stadler, SN Darell BARTON, SN Raymond COMPTON, and ETN2 James PIERCE were all discharged. CS3 Freddy WEBER was transferred to Great Lakes, Ill.; CS1 Eugene HARRISON to Washington, D.C.; TM2 Walter BIRDWELL to Orlando, Florida; and SDN Gregory ARENAS to USS ENTERPRISE (CVAN-65) at Alameda, California.


Since we have been back, we have been fortunate to receive the following men; RM3 Darrell BULLINGER from San Diego, California; SN Jack KIRSHMANN from Charleston, S.C.; SD1 Jose DELACRUZ from Key West, Florida, FA Larry LAWSON from Orlando, Fla.; BM2 Patrick STICKNEY from Adak, ALASKA; ETN3 William MOLINAR from Great Lakes, Ill.; SD2 Augusto SANTIGO from Pensacola, Fla.; SMSA Chris MESSINA from Newport, R.I.; DCFA George KEENER from Philadelphia, Pa.; RM1 William MILEVOI from Naples, Italy; DCFA Clark MILLS from San Francisco, Calif.; FN Robert LINDSTAT from Brooklyn, N.Y.; and ENS George CAUTHEN from USS WIDGEON (MSC-208) at San Diego, California.


On Wednesday, 25 November, before starting the long Thanksgiving weekend, I conducted an awards ceremony and presented letters of commendation to SH2 James CREWS, BM2 Ronald GLYNN, ETN2 James PIERCE, ETN2 Juan DELTORO, a NEY Award Certificate to CS2 Charles THOMPSON, and a Good Conduct Medal certificate to YN1 Boyd STARK. I also presented advancement certificates and rating badges to the following men who were advanced in November: IC2 Anton BECK, STG3 William BOND, ETR2 John CANTEA, ETN2 Juan DELTORO, ST1 James DICKINSON, SK3 John ELLIS, BM3 Harry FELKER, STG2 Timothy GAMBLE, EM3 William GRAVELY, RD3 Gary Griffin, YN3 Larry JOHNSON, QM3 Ted KNIGHT, IC3 Stephen LYNE, EN3 Michael MEADOWS, RM1 James MONTAVON, FTG3 William MURRAY, STG2 David NIELSON, EM3 John O’BRYANT, RD3 Paul ROYBAL, BM3 Thomas SCHAUR, EN2 Harold SHERMAN, ETN2 David WALDEN and EM2 Kevin WUESTENHOEFER, SD2 Augusto SANTIAGO was advanced to SD1 on 1 December.


While we were deployed, Captain D.A. FRANZ relieved Captain J.D. CALLAWAY who went to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Destroyer Division Six Zero One is in the process



of moving their headquarters to the old NOU building on the Annex at the head of the pier. Their phone numbers will remain the same.


Below is one of the many messages that we received at the end of our deployment.


"During your deployment, CALCATERRA officers and men have accomplished all assigned tasks with outstanding professionalism and enthusiasm. The demanding requirements of Special Operations in the Western Mediterranean were managed with great skill and gratifying results. Your response to the Jordanian crisis added to the precise support required to help stabilize the situation. Your presence has contributed significantly to SIXTH Fleet readiness and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Smooth sailing and a joyous reunion with your families and loved ones. Well Done." Issac C. KIDD, Jr., Vice Admiral, USN, Commander, U.S, SIXTH Fleet.


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and that Christmas will be joyful.




Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)


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