Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

17 October 1970

Dear Calcaterra Friends and Relatives,

We still expect to be back in Key West around Thanksgiving. However, with our schedule having been in limbo since arriving in the Mediterranean, it is difficult to tell if this date of arrival in Key West will hold true. Information of a more definite nature will be reflected in my next letter.

Our anticipated visit to Athens, commencing on the twenty-third of September, was canceled, consequently lengthening our stay at sea to thirty-three consecutive days. Needless to say we were all quite anxious to "hit the beach" upon arriving for a port visit in Rhodes, Greece on the 7th of October. I believe I can honestly say that everyone has been seeing more of the sea than expected.

Everyone was very impressed with, and enjoyed our five days in Rhodes. We found the local population to be very receptive, and friendly toward American sailors. Many of the crew had an opportunity to take an all day tour to the Acropolis of Lindos, located on the South Western part of the Island. We also found the local shops, which specialized in jewelry and furs, to be very attractive. Since the leading industry of Rhodes is tourism, the city was exceptionally clean and well kept up, with most of the old walled city and Palace of the Knights located therein, having been reconstructed. The ship’s readiness also received a test while we were in Rhodes, as an unexpected change in weather and an unprotected anchorage, forced us to get underway on Saturday night, with only the Duty Section on board. The memories of a Destroyer lost on the rocks of Rhodes two years ago were all too vivid.

I had the privilege of presenting letters of commendation to ETCS Walter D. HARVILLE, ETR3 John P. CANTEA, EM1 Robert F. HARRIS, ENC James F. SCHIPMAN, and SF1 Holice W. GATLIN for their outstanding service on board CALCATERRA, the Navy Unit Commendation to LT Robert J. MURPHY for his service in Vietnam and a NEY Award Certificate to CSC William MILLER for his service at Orlando, Florida before the ship’s company on Friday, the ninth of October.

During the month we were fortunate to receive EM3 Lawrence M. WARN, RMSN James E. McNOLDY, and STG2 James T. DICKINSON.

We have just received the results of the August advancement exam and the following personnel will be advanced to the indicated rates on the first of November: IC2 Anton BECK, STG3 William W. BOND, ETR2 John P. CANTEA, ETN2 Juan A. DELTORO, ST1 James T. DICKINSON, SK3 John C. ELLIS, BM3 Harry F. FELKER, RM3 Darrell L. FELTY, STG2 Timothy B. GAMBLE, EM3 William B. GRAVELY, RD3 Gary K. GRIFFIN, YN3 Larry D. Johnson, QM3 Ted W. KNIGHT, IC3 Stephen G. LINE, EN3 Michael E. MEADOWS, RM1 James A. MONTAVON, FTG3 William R. MURRAY, STG2 David C. NEILSON, EM3 John V. OBRYANT, RD3 Paul G. ROYBAL, BM3 Thomas R. SHAUER, EN2 Harold L. SHERMAN, ETN2 David A. WALLEN, EM2 Kevin J. WUESTENHOEFER. Also Frederick E. GLICK is authorized to be advanced to RD2 in February 1971 and David R. CORBETT to EN3 in March 1971.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to write at any time.

Sincerely, Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)


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