Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

16 September 1970

Dear Calcaterra Friends and Relatives,

We deployed on 20 August as we had anticipated, and presently expect to be back in Key West around Thanksgiving. Any changes in our schedule will be reflected in future letters.

We passed Bermuda on the evening of the 22nd of August and reached Ponta Delgada, Azores on 28 August. We found the Azores to be scenic islands of volcanic origin, with the associated volcanic peaks. Even though Ponta Delgada was not an extremely lively city, a night ashore was still welcomed. Twenty-nine August found us underway for Rota, Spain, arriving there on 1 September. Our three days in Rota were highlighted by tours to Cadiz and Sevilla. I believe everyone enjoyed our stay in Rota. We got underway for Naples, Italy on 4 September. It was at this time that we experienced an unexpected phenomenon, as we transited the Straits of Gibraltar three times, with visibility reduced to approximately two miles, we never did see the famous Rock Of Gibraltar. We pulled into Naples on 9 September, refueled, and as a result of a sudden change inn our schedule, got underway again five hours after reaching port. Fortunately for morale, were able to delay long enough to receive mail!

Ideal weather conditions have prevailed since leaving the Straits of Gibraltar. However, we are currently a little restless with being at sea, and eagerly looking forward to visiting Athens on the 19th of September.

The ship recently received a message from the Navy Finance Center in Cleveland, giving the following revised hours:

0800-2400: (EST Monday thru Friday

0800-1600: (EST) Saturday and Sunday

Questions about allotments, such as not received, etc., can be answered through phone number 216-522-5705. The Family Allowance Activity can be reached at 216-522-5567. Prefix numbers for AUTOVON calls are 8-2342. If you have any problems or questions concerning these areas, I hope this information will be beneficial.

During the month we again lost some shipmates: STG2 James T. DICKINSON, YN1 Wallace D. HARTLEY, SN Albert HENDERSON to the Naval Hospital, Key West; BM2 William DYKSTRA, BM3 William M. Pasqua, QM2 Claud NMN WHITE, RM2 William SWANK, RM2 Kevin BURKE, SM2 Eric G. Poore were transferred to COMDESDIV 601 for separation; ETN3 James R. BOGARD to the USS KRETCHNER (DER329); SFP2 Robert C.BLACK, released to inactive duty; and, CS3 Theodore J. WALKER was transferred to Naval Air Station, Ellyson Field, Pensacola, Florida.





We were fortunate to receive ST1 Joseph L. STOMBERG, SK2 Thomas L. JOHNSON, ETR2 Roland H. DOWLING from the USS KRETCHNER (DER329); TM3 Marcus D. STRAKER from the USS FORRESTER (DER334); and YN1 Boyd D. STARK, from Staff, COMDESDIV 601. On the 1st of September ETC Walter D. HARVILLE was advanced to ETCS, and on the 12th of September ENS Richard D. Cox was promoted to LTJG.

If you have any other problems or questions feel free to write at any time or contact my wife in Key West. The phone number is 294-2063 at 1056-A Halsey Drive, Key West, Florida 33040.



Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)



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