Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

14 August 1970

Dear Calcaterra Friends and Relatives,

We now expect to deploy on 20 August for an approximate three month port to port cruise. The setting back of our original deployment date was welcomed by all.

I conducted a personnel inspection on 17 July. After the inspection I presented letters to FTG2 George SCHEINOST and SFP2 Robert Black for their outstanding service aboard CALCATERRA.

Approximately 50 dependents attended the Family Cruise on 23 July. Although some sea sickness was experienced, I believe everyone enjoyed their day at sea. The food from the galley featured home made rolls, made by Chief Commissaryman William MILLER. The highlight of the day was the air show put on by two F-4 Phantom jet fighters fro Boca Chica Naval Air Station.

Another family picnic was held on 7 August. The ship’s galley again did a commendable job in furnishing lobster, ribs, and hamburgers. The officers and enlisted men played to a stand-off on the volleyball court.

During the month we again lost some shipmates. SN Frank McMAHAN, SA Timothy CANADY, RM3 Ralph McNEELEY, LTJG Clyde HARR, and LTJG David HANCOCK were released form active duty. BMC George NUNNERY was transferred to RTC, Orlando, Florida; YNSN David CRESSEY was transferred to USS PERRY (DD844); YNSN Michael LYNCH was transferred to USS STRIBLING (DD867); RD3 Ronald FARRINGTON was transferred to USS BORDELONN (DD881); and ET1 Bruce HENDERSON was transferred to NIBSSA, ALW, NAVSTA, Washington, D.C. We were fortunate to receive RDSN Carl RAINBOLT from Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill; RM2 Bradley MAIZE from USS FORSTER (DER334); ENC Griffith KINSEY from RTC, NTC, Great Lakes, Ill; SM2 Clark from USS KRETCHNER (DER329); BM2 Ronald GLYNN from USS FORSTER (DER334); RDSA Alfred EDWARDS from NTC, Great Lakes, Ill; GMGC Uvaldo LUNA from USS HUNLEY (AS31); SK3 Christopher WOZNIAC from NAVPHIBSCOL, Little Creek, Norfolk, Va.; FA Joseph SHUSTER from NTC Great Lakes, Ill.; EM2 Lee NATVIG from USS BEATTY (DD756); SA George PFENDER from NAVSTA, Philadelphia, Pa.; BM1 Tillman HARRIS from NAVSTA, Charleston, S.C.; QM2 Thomas SIMERER from USS PARLE (DE708); DL2 Adrian KRELL from USS ISLE ROYALE (AD29); RMSA Lee BALAZS from USNTC, Bainbridge, Md.; EN3 John EICEMAN from NAVSUPACT, Danang, Vietnam; STG2 James DICKINSON from USS FORSTER (DER334); RD2 William SHACKLETON from USS FORSTER (DER324); FTG2 Gary HONRATH from USS MC CAFFERY (DD860); BM3 John MARTIN from, USS FORSTER (DER334); FN Mike Fenton from NAVSTA, Philadelphia, Pa.; SN Gary WATHEN from NAVSTA, Philadelphia, Pa.; and ENS Daryl SCOVILLE from NAVSCOLCOM, Norfolk, Va.

Congratulations to Walter HARVILLE and George NUNNERY on being advanced to Senior Chief, ETCS and BMCS respectively.

CALCATERRA got underway on 1 August and acted as a support ship for the first underwater test of the Poseidon Missile off Cape Kennedy, Florida. The resulting national publicity was a source of excitement for the ship. We returned to Key West on 4 August.

I am enclosing a Hurricane Information Sheet and a Dependents Check-off List, hoping to answer some of your questions. If you have any other problems or questions feel free to write at any time or contact my wife at Key West. The phone number is 294-2063, at 1056-A Halsey Drive. Commodore CALLAWAY and his staff can be reached on extension 260. He has assured me that he and his staff will be available to assist in any way or provide information on our schedule if the information is available and can be released.


Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)



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