Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

10 July 1971

Dear CALCATERRA Friends and Relatives,


At 0900, Tuesday, June 22, 1971, the last line was hauled aboard and "Underway Shift Colors" was heard throughout the ship. The CALCATERRA was underway for her three month deployment to the North Atlantic.


Our journey took us up the coast of Florida, out across the Atlantic Ocean past Bermuda, a stop at the Azores, and then into Rota, Spain. Most of the transit time was spent getting the ship and the crew ready for upcoming operations with the Submarine Hunter-Killer Group now deployed. General Quarters, Fire at Sea, gunnery exercises, and man overboard drills were all part of the daily routine.


After a brief five hour stop in Ponta Delgada, Azores for fuel the ship continued on and pulled into Rota, Spain on Saturday, 3 July. We spent four days, including the Fourth of July, enjoying the warmth of the Spanish sun and hospitality.


On Wednesday, 7 July we got underway again. We have passed up the Spanish and French coast line, and are presently making our way through the English Channel on our way to Bremen, Germany. Unfortunately due to fog and reduced visibility we were unable to see the famous "White Cliffs of Dover." The ship has encountered over 650 different vessels in this heavily traveled part of the world, and expects to see many more before coming to Bremen.


The port call in Bremen is expected to last about seven days, with many social events planned during our stay. Some of the events planned during our stay include a tour of Bremen and a local brewery, a reception aboard the CALCATERRA for local officials and a reception hosted by the local American Consulate General, Bremen. Upon leaving Bremen, we will be looking forward to port visits in Esbjerg, Denmark, Aberdeen, Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland, and Chatham, England. The Glasgow visit will find my days on CALCATERRA growing short as my change of command is planned there. Lieutenant Commander Robert J. Brenton, U.S. Navy will take over the reins on 9 August if all goes as planned.


Since my last Family Gram, the following personnel have been advanced in rate as indicated: BM1 Patrick STICKNEY, PC2 Kevin C. McCoy, and GMG3 Timothy D. HIGDON. Also since my last Family Gram we have lost many of our shipmates, as they were released form active duty or transferred to another command. They are: EN2 James D. GODWIN, FN Gary E. SHIRLEY, RD1 John H. FITZGERALD, FN Larry E. LAWSON; all were released from active duty. The following were transferred to another command: SN Jack W. KIRSCHMANN and SN Leon B. COWDEN to the Naval Hospital, Key West, Florida, EN1 Gene L. HERRERA to the USS THRUSH (MSC204), EM1 Robert F. HARRIS to the USS BEATTY (DD756), ETCS Walter D. HARVILLE, to Naval Air Station, Key West, PN1 Larry R. McCULLEY to Naval Underseas Research and Development Center, San Diego, EN2 Edward T. MORRISON to the USS MYLES C. FOX (DD829), RM1 Gary E. PREAST to Submarine Flotilla



TWO, Groton, and EM3 Arthur A. Bozeman to the USS WILLIAM H. STANLEY (DLG2).


As replacements, we have received the following men: FTGSN Michael A. CRAFT, and FTGSN Michael W. STUBBE from Naval Training Center, Mayport, Florida, CSSN Phillip J. REIS from Commander Submarine Squadron TWO in Groton, Conn., ETR3 Herbert H. KUBO from U.S. Naval Submarine base, Pearl Harbor, and LTJG Daniel T. SHERRANGE from the USS GREAT SITKIN. Also, congratulations are in order for RMC Jimmie E. HOWELL who reenlisted for his third time on 29 June 1971.


Again, if you have any questions that you would care to ask me, lease feel free to write at any time.





Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)


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