Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

8 June 1970

Dear Calcaterra Friends and Relatives,

We have now finished our overhaul and are now at the Norfolk Destroyer Piers cleaning up and attending to all the last minute details. When we finish putting everything back together and checking everything out in a week or so we’ll be in the best shape we’ve been in for several years. I am very happy with the work we accomplished, even though we had to do most of it ourselves.

We have not yet received our next Quarters Operating Schedule so I can’t give much definite information. I expect that we will return to Key West on Monday, June twenty-second and remain in Key West until we deploy, probably the first week in August. We will go out several days in the week of June 29th for training and plan to come in early that Friday morning so everyone can get off for the Fourth of July weekend. I want to have a picnic on the first Friday afternoon that we are in and possibly another one later on. I also want to schedule a Dependents Cruise during the third or fourth week of July.

During the past month we have again lost several of our shipmates. STG2 Samuel Wabeke, STG3 Karl Stover, BT3 Michael Huss, and YNSN Carlton West all were released form Active Duty. SK1 Dalmacio DeClaro was transferred to USS MIDWAY (CVS41) at Long Beach, California and RD2 Harvey Witt was transferred to Treasure Island, California to attend Radarman "B" School. The loss of these men will hurt but we were fortunate to receive some well-qualified replacements. EN3 James Godwin from USS CANOPUS (AS34), ETN3 Danny Riggs from USS RICHARD E. BYRD (DDG23), STG3 Jerry Renander from Sonar School, San Diego, SKSN John Powers from USS FINBACK (SSN678), BT3 Clark Haynes from USS MOALE (DD693), BMC Clifford Blevins from NAS Los Alamedas, California, DC1 James Pace and RM1 Gary Preast from U.S. Naval Station, Mayport, Florida, IC3 Anton Beck from Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois, TA Dionisio Gelacio from Naval Training Center, San Diego, California, and CSC William Miller from Naval Training Center, Orlando, Florida.

We also had several advancements during the month. Lawrence Blalock to GMG2, Frank Wiley toYN3, and Harvey Witt to RD2. SMSN Gary Depperschmidt received his High School Equivalency from G.E.D. EN1 Delbert Reeve reenlisted for four years; RM1 Robert Fischel, three years; GMG2 Leonard Stump, six years; CS1 Eugene Harrison, six years; and YN1 Wallace Hartley, two years. All are remaining aboard except CS1 Harrison who is due for orders to shore duty.

Again, I hope I have answered some questions that you have about the ship. If not, please write and ask them. I am always happy to be of any assistance.



Signed: (Howard B. Graff)

Commanding Officer


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