Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

15 March 1971

Dear CALCATERRA Friends and Relatives,


As has been the case quite a few times before, the CALCATERRA had to get underway for unscheduled operations in the CARRIBEAN during the month of February. Many people had to be recalled from leave and Iím Sure many plans were interrupted. It is with pleasure that I note the "well dones" received from CINCLANTFLT, COMASWFORLANT, COMCRUDESLANT, and from COMDESDIV EIGHTY TWO, who embarked in the CALCATERRA for the job we did last month. A copy of the message we received from Commodore WILSON (COMDESDIV EIGHTY TWO) is attached as an enclosure to this letter.


Since our return we have enjoyed a week of early liberty, a picnic held for all hands, and a special day of liberty as compensation for the holiday spent at sea.


I have now received word of what is tentatively planned for CALCATERRA during the next few months. We expect to be in the Key West area the majority of the time this Spring with some local operations during the months of April and May. Then the ship is scheduled to deploy to the North Atlantic in late June, and is to return in mid-September.


On Monday, 8 March 1971, EN1 Gene L. HERRERA reenlisted for a period of four years. Petty Officer HERRERA and his family then departed for Colorado on 30 days much earned leave.


On Friday, 12 March 1871 STG2 Timothy B. GAMBLE reenlisted for another tour. He will receive approximately $8,000. variable reenlistment bonus over a 6 year period, 30 days leave, and will attend the AN/SQS-26 Sonar course for 26 weeks here in Key West.


While we were at sea we received word that CALCATERRA has been awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for operations in the Eastern Mediterranean last fall. Every man who served aboard during that period is authorized to wear the MUC ribbon. The ship is also authorized to fly the MUC flag from the foretruck when in port.


Since my last familygram we have again experienced a considerable personnel turnover. RM2 Bradford T. MAIZE, SN George W. PUGH, SN Charles A. TUCKER, SN George R. BEHRINGER, ETN2 Jan A DELTORO, and EN2 Roger C. HARTE were released form active duty. SM1 Daniel J KILCREASE was transferred to Naval Station, Macon, Georgia for Recruiter Duty, IC3 Kenneth C. ALLEN to USS CHARLESTON (LKA113), YN3 Frank R. WILLEY to Balboa, Canal Zone, and BM1 Tilman HARRIS to Naval Training Center, Miami, Florida We were fortunate to receive the following personnel: SK1 Jerry F. BARNES from NAVSUPPACT, Saigon, BT2 A. S. HENSLER, from USS GARY (DER326), QMSN Charles R. WISE from NAVSTA, Norfolk, SN Frank VITOVITCH from NAVSTA Philadelphia, RDSN Kenneth W. J. SAVANT from the USS SHANGRA-LA, ICFA Michael H.SHALLOW from NTC, San Diego, FN Norman C. ROSENBLATT from NAVSTA Charleston, RD3 Earl W. BOWERS from NTC Great Lakes, PN1 James T. QUINN from NAVAIRSTA, Jacksonville, Florida, ETN3 Robert G. GORHAM from NAVSHIPYD, Portsmouth, Virginia, TM2 Robert F. LARSON from NAVSTA, Pearl Harbor, and RM2 Lawrence GIAMALVA from NTC, Bainbridge, Maryland.


The shipís specific schedule and operations are classified and should not be discussed. For this reason there may be many times when your husbands or sons are not able to tell you things which you would like to know. Please bear with us. Rumors are often started by well meaning but thoughtless people. The Division Staff will advise by telephone when they know our estimated time of arrival (ETA) back in Key West. Naturally we will be back earlier if at all possible.


If you have any questions or any problems which I may be able to answer or help you with please feel free to call or write. When the ship is absent, inquiries on the shipís schedule or problems of an official nature should be addressed to the division Staff located at the Naval Station Annex, Key West Florida, telephone extension 234, 253, or 260.




Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)


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