Fleet Post Office

New York, 09501

1 February 1971

Dear CALCATERRA Friends and Relatives,


CALCATERRA is currently going through a three week tender availability period here in Key West. The change in schedule from Mayport to Key West was welcomed by all hands. Although our schedule after the first of April is still undetermined, we will be operation out of the Key West area until then.


On Friday, January 22, CALCATERRA was visited by Rear Admiral WALLACE, Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla TWELVE here on a visit from Mayport. While on board he was given a tour of the ship and afterward discussed such topics as the problem of Naval retention and the controversial Z-Grams in the wardroom.


After the Admiralís departure, I had the privilege of presenting Letters Of Commendation to EN1 Gene L. HERRERA, EN3 Edward T. MORRISON, and EM2 John J. BELL for their outstanding services on board the CALCATERRA during and after our deployment and, for the first time I presented to SK3 Christopher WOZNIAK the Sailor of the Quarter Award, a newly instigated award for outstanding achievement.


I am pleased to announce the reenlistment of ENC Griffith M. KINSEY, SK1 Jimmy J. ROGERS, ENCS Louis E. DAGNEAU, and DC1 James A. PACE, each for four years.


During the past months Iím sorry to say we lost some shipmates. Nine were released from active duty. The following personnel were transferred to the units designated; BM3 Harry FELKER, to Naval Air Station, Dallas, Texas; TM3 Marcus D. STRAKER to Naval Hospital, Key West; DCFA George R. KEENER to Naval Station, Key West; TN Bernardo M. JIMENEZ too USS FORSTER (DER334); RD2 Robert W. GROEZINGER to Naval Air Technical Training Center, Glynco, Georgia. We also welcomed aboard the following personnel: SA Charles P. SATTERTHWAITE from NTC, Great Lakes, FTG1 Robert F. WALLACE Jr. from USS KRETCHNER (DER329); FN Richard J. LUCA from Naval Station, Philadelphia; DC3 Anthony HUGHES from Naval Station, Treasure Island; SA Donald L. CROKIN, Jr., from Naval Air Station, Meridian, Miss; GMGSN Timothy D. HIGDON from Naval Support Activity, Saigon; SM1 Ralph F. DOHME from USS TAUSSIG; EM3 Kermit D. JONES from USS AMPHION; RD3 Robert D. HUMDLEY from Naval Station, Norfolk; DCFN George A. HERDA from Naval Station, Philadelphia; EM3 Arthur A. BOZEMAN from USS H. W. GILMORE.





Signed: (H. B. GRAFF)


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